Solar Ascent Impacted by Tantallon Wildfire

JUNE 6, 2023 UPDATE: We’re back to our property which remained untouched from the fire and back to full operation. We’re very grateful to be home but devastated by the damage to our community. Original post below: On Sunday, May 28th we had to evacuate our home and business headquarters due to the escalating Tantallon […]

Canada Greener Homes – 7 Things You Need to Know

In our last post we provided an overview of what exactly is the Canada Greener Homes Loan and Grant program and how to navigate it. In todays post we’re sharing some key things we’ve learned from working with the Canada Greener Homes program for about a year. We’re breaking it down to 7 key things […]

Canada Greener Homes Grant and Loan Program: An Overview

What is Canada Greener Homes and How Does it Work? The Canada Greener Homes program was launched by the Federal Government in 2021. The program aims to help homeowners understand what can be done to make their homes more comfortable and efficient, and provide incentives to implement energy efficiency changes. First, you’ll work with energy […]