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Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Solar Ascent is your lifelong, proudly-Nova Scotian partner in renewable energy solutions. We’ve always been here and we’re here to stay. With a rich background in renovations contracting, we know homes from the foundation-up and we treat each client’s home with the care that we’d treat our own.

Solar Benefits

Solar grassroots change is happening. Are you in?

Surprisingly Affordable

Solar prices aren’t what they used to be. Thanks to worldwide adoption and advances in solar technology, systems are now accessible and affordable for all Nova Scotians. For many people, the short term cost of adopting solar is only a few dollars a day more than they’re already paying for grid power! Not only can you feel good about off-setting your carbon footprint, this short term investment turns into long term gain quickly as grid rates go up and your loan is paid off.

Fantastic Rebates and Financing Available

Like all good things, the SolarHomes rebate from Efficiency NS and Greener Homes loan and rebate from Natural Resources Canada will eventually come to an end. Find out how these fantastic programs have brought solar in reach of all Nova Scotians. Apply for your free, custom solar proposal for your home now to get in on the action!

An Investment with Returns

Solar panels typically increase the value of your home by the full cost of the system, so when you sell your home, you’ll receive your initial investment back. Solar panels can add up to 3-4% to the value of your home, and homes with solar panels tend to sell faster with homes that don’t. So not only are you adding to the value of your home but you’re also making it more appealing to the market.

Nova Scotia Solarhomes Program

Efficiency Nova Scotia offers incentives to homeowners for solar PV systems to make solar electricity more affordable than ever. The SolarHomes program helps Nova Scotians harness the sun’s energy by offering rebates on approved solar PV systems. Click the button below to set up a time to discuss your potential solar project today!



sarah stevens
This company has a team of caring professionals. From the initial assessment to the final installation steps the service was extremely professional. Aside from carefully reviewing the site their liaison with the loan granting institution and administrative support was excellent. Communication was thoughtful and very helpful. Because the team was well organized there were no delays waiting for materials. What a pleasure to work with a team of people who enjoy their work so much!
Steve Wilson
Great service and quality products. We were kept informed through the whole process from the estimate to final installation of solar panels. Solar Ascent did everything. They put us in touch with the right people to get the loan for the panels and the rebates. We always knew what was going to happen next. Even when we did have a faulty converter a couple of months in, it was replaced right away. 2 years in and we are very happy with the amount of energy our panels are producing. I don’t know why everybody doesn’t do this. Highly recommend solar and highly recommend Solar Ascent to install them.
Esther Price
I had solar panels installed by Solar Ascent in late summer 2023. It was a long road getting to the installation point due to delays with Greener Homes Canada and weather delays. Throughout the process, the communication with Solar Ascent remained constant and they were always there to answer questions or help whenever they could. When it came time for the installation, the team worked quickly, safely and efficiently. They kept me informed through the entire process as to what was happening and what to expect. Most importantly they kept the work area extremely clean. After installation was completed, the communication did not stop. They were diligent in ensuring that everything was working properly and that I was happy with the product. Couldn't have asked for a better group to work with.
Super job! We had several delays on our build and the Solar Ascent team adapted each time. Very good communicators, efficient and high quality. They even sent us a beautiful drone image of the completed project.
Lara Dempster
Very friendly, accessible and knowledgeable staff. Installation was clearly explained and done in a reasonable time frame
Joyce Leaman
Great company to work with they schedule everything from start to finish REALY Happy with the END Product. The crew of installers were very professional, friendly and thoughtful, other staff members were great to deal with also. I would highly recommend this Solar company. .
David Chaplin-Saunders
The Solar Ascent team did an amazing job. The communication from the project manager was timely, clear, informative and responsive to our questions. The installation team for the racking and the panels were efficient, respectful, clean and thorough. They worked with all appropriate safety equipment and were properly staffed. All arrangements with NSP went without a hitch. The system was installed very quickly. A wonderful company to work with!
Lewis Murphy
I had a great experience with the whole team. They were very responsive and so helpful while going through the Greener Homes loan. I recommend them to everyone that asks me about the panels.
Darren Casey
Great experience with Solar Ascent very satisfied from day 1 to now almost two years post installation. Highly recommended!
Deb Johnson
We were very keen on getting solar power in Nova Scotia where the electricity costs are very expensive. From the first contact until the final commissioning of the system it has been an extremely smooth process. Very fast responses to questions we had and very prompt attention to matters that needed addressing. Throughout the process Morgaine and the installation team have been such wonderful people to work with. I feel so blessed that we were able to work with such a great team of people and get our solar system going before winter time. Thank you guys!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to take the guess work out of solar energy. Is your question not answered here? Shoot us a message and our team will be happy to help!

Our “average” system is around 10kW and costs approx. $30,000. Don’t let the sticker price fool you however. There are rebates and financing options that make it much more affordable. For most people it comes down to whether or not you’d be willing to spend a few dollars more per day than what you’re already used to paying for power. This is the investment required to secure your power costs for decades to come, and save tens of thousands of dollars long term.

The components of the system come with 25 year warranties and we model our calculations based on a 30 year life expectancy. The way solar cells work there is 0.5% degradation that happens every year. Therefore after 30 years of production you can expect about a 15% drop off in energy production from the first year. Let us do the math to show you the benefits of investment in solar!

At Solar Ascent we love putting solar arrays on a roof, but before we do we ensure your roof will be a good fit for solar. Solar energy is only a sustainable solution if the finished product stands the test of time. That means ensuring that the installation won’t compromise the roof in any way – especially regarding leaks and structural concerns. We work with a structural engineer to review every solar design and layout before installation, along with detailed information on your roof trusses or rafters. We exclusively use the Kinetic K-Flash racking system on shingled roofs to ensure that each connection point to your roof is mechanically sealed against water penetration. To top it all off, once we install the solar panels we install low profile wire mesh around the perimeter of the array to ensure that no critters can move in underneath after we’re done.

The “payback period” of the system refers to how long the system needs to run to produce enough value in kWh produced to recoup your initial investment. Typical paybacks in residential range from 10-13 years, but there are a lot of factors that could greatly speed up our payback calculations. For instance we use a utility rate increase of 3.34% in our models which – by the sounds of what’s to come – that will be greatly outpaced by the actual increases in the near future. This will speed up the payback process, as the value of displaced costs is higher.

Yes, we’re a local business and do all of the work from design, to procurement, to the installation. We have a sales department, customer success department, finance department and multiple installation crews. We operate out of our HQ in Hammonds Plains, NS.

Why should you work with Solar Ascent?

We know that solar energy can seem complicated. There are a lot of things to consider and a pile of misinformation out there! We’re here to help you learn about solar energy and what it can do for you. We’ll provide you with accurate data, detailed options and sound advice to find a system that best fits your goals. 

We’re honest, friendly and experienced and will work hard to ensure you can’t wait to tell your friends about us.

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The Solar Ascent Process
We get a lot of questions about how a solar installation goes from an idea to a completed project that generates energy! There are a lot of steps along the way but our goal is to make it simple.

Case Study

Let our work speak for itself

Valley Home

When we first met with the husband and wife who recently moved to this home outside Truro, NS, we knew they found their “forever home”. This freshly built, fully electric home was going to cost a lot of money to provide grid power in the years and decades to come for their growing family. Check out our full case study for more information!

Get In Touch

Getting Started Couldn’t Be Simpler.

Getting the ball rolling on solar adoption for your home is as easy as submitting a form or giving us a call! We’ll help to navigate the available rebates, financing options, and other considerations. We’ll get back to you with specific information on how the solar panels will look on your home or property, how much energy you can expect them to produce, and how much it will cost.