Solar Ascent Impacted by Tantallon Wildfire

JUNE 6, 2023 UPDATE: We’re back to our property which remained untouched from the fire and back to full operation. We’re very grateful to be home but devastated by the damage to our community. Original post below: On Sunday, May 28th we had to evacuate our home and business headquarters due to the escalating Tantallon […]

The Elevator Pitch – Why Solar Ascent?

What’s your “Elevator Pitch”?  I was having an interesting conversation with a potential client a few weeks back. At this point I’ve had probably a thousand or so similar conversations about the benefits of solar energy adoption, and I’ll admit they can get a bit repetitive, despite my passion for the subject.  This one was […]

Getting Started with Your Free Customized Solar Proposal

So, you’re ready to consider a solar energy system for your home (congratulations!), but where do you go from here? The first step in making the switch to solar is to get our free customized solar proposal, which will give you a detailed estimate of the cost to you and the savings, both in the […]