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We know that as a business owner or executive you have a lot on the go! Our commercial services team will take the project from vision to reality and make it simple to add solar to your organization.  

Solar Benefits

How can solar help your business, town or organization?

Solar allows you to take control of your energy costs.

By installing a solar photovoltaics system you are less susceptible to increases in energy costs from the NS Power. You can produce some or all of your energy needs with the solar energy system with predictable payments on any loans associated with it. Take control of your businesses fixed expenses with solar energy!

Solar becomes more affordable at scale.

Typically businesses consume more energy and have larger areas to support a large commercial solar, municipal solar or utility scale solar energy system. The larger the system, typically the lower the installed cost per watt. This allows larger arrays to pay themselves off more rapidly so you can generate more free, renewable energy after the fact. Typically it’ll take 10 years to generate enough energy to recoup the initial investment, then it’s 15-20 years of free energy!

The times they are a-changin’!

It’s not all about reducing your business operating costs. Consumer attitudes have been evolving toward the green revolution and there is a lot of brand benefit to installing a solar energy system for your business and ditching the fossil fuels. Stand out from the crowd in your industry by generating your own renewable energy to help off-set your carbon footprint – and tell people all about it!

The Clean Technology Investment Tax Credit

The Federal Government has announced a 30% tax credit for businesses investing in solar energy starting in Spring 2023. Now is the time to add solar energy to the story of your business. Click the button below to set up a time to discuss your potential solar project today!

We were truly impressed with John and his team at Solar Ascent! They are an outstanding team that delivered a completed project on time and on budget. John was always available to answer our questions. His crew was very knowledgeable and joy to have on site.

Paul & Lori Kittilsen

Kittilsens’s Honey Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to take the guess work out of solar energy. Is your question not answered here? Shoot us a message and our team will be happy to help!

The components of the system come with 25 year warranties and we model our calculations based on a 30 year life expectancy. The way solar cells work there is 0.5% degradation that happens every year. Therefore after 30 years of production you can expect about a 15% drop off in energy production from the first year. Let us do the math and give you real data on what solar can do for you!

At Solar Ascent we love putting solar arrays on a roof, but before we do we ensure your roof will be a good fit for solar. Solar energy is only a sustainable solution if the finished product stands the test of time which is what we’re all about. That means ensuring that the installation won’t compromise the roof in any way – especially regarding leaks and structural concerns. We work with a structural engineer to review every solar design and layout before installation, along with detailed information on your roof trusses or rafters. We use the best products available to match the roofing layup, whether it be asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or flat roofing membrane to ensure you’ll never need to worry about water penetrations. To top it all off, once we install the solar panels we install low profile wire mesh around the perimeter of the array to ensure that no critters can move in underneath after we’re done.

The “payback period” of the system refers to how long the system needs to run to produce enough value in kWh saved to recoup your initial investment. Typical paybacks in commercial solar installations range from 8-12 years, but there are a lot of factors that could greatly speed up our payback calculations. For instance we use a utility rate increase of 3.34% in our models which – by the sounds of what’s to come – that will be greatly outpaced by the actual increases in the near future. This will speed up the payback process, as the value of displaced costs is higher.

Yes, we’re a local business and do all of the work from design to procurement to the installation. We have a sales department, customer success department, finance department and multiple installation crews. We operate out of our HQ in Hammonds Plains, NS.

Why should you work with Solar Ascent?

We know that as a business owner or executive you have a lot on the go! Our commercial services team prides themselves on making solar simple. We’ll provide you with the data, options and advice to help meet your renewable energy goals. Once we’ve worked together on the system design, we can take it from there to provide a turn-key solution to making your own solar power.

Case Studies

Let our work speak for itself

Sackville Library

We were thrilled to have won the bid with HRM to provide solar to the Sackville Library in 2022. The goal of the system was to off-set as much energy as possible for this important public building

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Getting Started Couldn’t Be Simpler.

Getting the ball rolling on solar adoption for your business or organization is as easy as submitting a form or giving us a call! We’ll help to navigate the available rebates, financing options, and other considerations. We’ll get back to you with specific information on how the solar panels will look on your building or property, how much energy you can expect them to produce, and how much it will cost.