About Us

Based in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Solar Ascent is your local, reliable partner in renewable energy.

Our Promise

We Make Solar Simple

To install a solar energy system there are hundreds of little steps to take a project from a concept to completion. Our goal is to ensure that the process to you is as easy as signing a few forms and letting us in to install! We’re really, really good at taking care of the rest.

We Help You Live Lighter

Our mission is to help homeowners in Nova Scotia off-set as much of their power consumption as possible with clean, renewable solar energy. Given the price of power from the traditional grid, we’re helping to ease your financial footprint too!

We’re the Responsible Choice for Your Forever Home

We know that for most people, their home is the most important investment they’ll ever make and their family is the most important thing to them. We feel the exact same way. Our installers are obsessed with the details and aesthetics, and work as diligently and safely as possible.

Our Mission

We’re here to expedite the energy transition in Atlantic Canada, one roof at a time.

Our Certifications

We couldn’t do what we do without the help of our educators, trainers and industry partners.

Our Team

The thing that sets us apart is our team. We’ve managed to attract some of the nicest, most talented and passionate people out there to come together with a common goal: do good, be kind and have fun. Trust us, you’ll love our team.