Low Cost Backup Power: Which Unit is Best?

Grid Outages and the Need for Backup Power In the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona and its devastating effects on the Atlantic Provinces, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about battery backup systems. Some people have been without power for several days as Nova Scotia Power cleans up the debris and works hard to get […]

Getting Started with Your Free Customized Solar Proposal

So, you’re ready to consider a solar energy system for your home (congratulations!), but where do you go from here? The first step in making the switch to solar is to get our free customized solar proposal, which will give you a detailed estimate of the cost to you and the savings, both in the […]

Understanding NS Power’s Enhanced Net Metering Program

We’ve written a lot about the benefits of owning a solar energy system, but there is a key part that we haven’t talked about yet: Enhanced Net Metering. Enhanced Net Metering is a program run by Nova Scotia Power that applies to any residential or commercial domain that is running on solar energy (or any […]