Getting Started with Your Free Customized Solar Proposal

So, you’re ready to consider a solar energy system for your home (congratulations!), but where do you go from here?

The first step in making the switch to solar is to get our free customized solar proposal, which will give you a detailed estimate of the cost to you and the savings, both in the short term and long term. This report isn’t a standard issue estimate that we send out to everyone but rather a detailed assessment of your individual property and power usage, generated through one of the best proposal software programs on the market, Aurora.

Luckily, getting started couldn’t be easier! Here’s all we need to create your proposal.

  1. You address. This allows us to find your home in our proposal software (learn more about this top-notch program here). We’ll then be able to see the orientation of your property (slope of roof/trees/obstructions, etc.), which will tell us how much sun your panels will get, i.e. the energy output you can expect.
  2. Your most recent power bill. Annual consumption is compared to your energy output capabilities. This gives us a clear idea of your possible savings and ROI.
  3. Your email. So we can send you your report! Turnaround time is 48 hours.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what you’ll receive in your report.

What you get in your proposal.

Our technology creates a model of your property, which allows us to get a fairly accurate picture of what you can expect from your system. Following your proposal, we’ll come out to your property to get exact details, but this program is the first step and gives us a clear picture of what you’re working with.

The basics

The first part of your proposal gives you an overview: the size of your system, the net cost to you, estimated year 1 production from the system and estimated year 1 savings. You’ll also see what percentage of your energy will be generated from solar and percentage of your electrical bill that you’ll save from solar.

The finances.

Then we go over the finances so you can easily and clearly compare the cost of having a solar energy system vs. a conventional power source. We’ll show you what you’re expected to save over the 30-year life span of your system, as well as an estimate of your monthly bill with solar vs. without.

We’ll then go into financing options. At the moment, there are a number of truly game-changing rebates and incentive programs available that have made switching to solar an affordable (and financially beneficial!) option. All residents of Nova Scotia are eligible for Efficiency Nova Scotia’s SolarHomes program and residents of HRM are eligible for the Solar City program(funding for these programs is limited, so now is the right time to be making the switch!).

In the report, we’ll break down the different options available for you and show you how that will affect costs, payment plans, etc.

The details

Lastly, the report will explain the great warranties that we offer, as well as the next steps we’ll take together to get your system up and running.

Our free customized Solar report offers you an effortless way to get started with solar and see the many benefits, both short term and long term, that it can offer you!

Are you ready to see what solar energy can do for you? Get started today with your FREE customized report today!

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