Canada Greener Homes Grant and Loan Program: An Overview

What is Canada Greener Homes and How Does it Work? The Canada Greener Homes program was launched by the Federal Government in 2021. The program aims to help homeowners understand what can be done to make their homes more comfortable and efficient, and provide incentives to implement energy efficiency changes. First, you’ll work with energy […]

The Future of Solar Energy in Nova Scotia

On Monday, the Canadian Solar Industries Association released their NS Residential Solar Market Outlook and Supply Chain Study, which aimed to predict the future of solar energy in Nova Scotia over the next ten years. The findings? Let’s just say the future looks very bright! As a province, we’ve been early adopters of composting and […]

Why Switch to Solar Energy: The Financial Benefits

Last week, we wrote about the environmental benefits of solar energy– a topic which we are very passionate about. This week, we’re talking about another huge reason for switching to solar energy: the financial benefits. When solar energy first hit the market, it was not nearly as affordable as it is today, and it got […]