The Future of Solar Energy in Nova Scotia

On Monday, the Canadian Solar Industries Association released their NS Residential Solar Market Outlook and Supply Chain Study, which aimed to predict the future of solar energy in Nova Scotia over the next ten years.

The findings? Let’s just say the future looks very bright! As a province, we’ve been early adopters of composting and recycling programs, and we’re following suit with proactive solar energy initiatives and making a name for ourselves as leaders in the industry. It’s an exciting time to be part of the solar movement!

Here’s a closer look at some of the highlights from the report.

Solar energy adoption is on the rise in Nova Scotia

Over the last few years, Nova Scotia has enjoyed a steady, though moderate, increase in solar energy adoption. However, the release of Efficiency Nova Scotia’s SolarHomes program this year has contributed to a great acceleration of growth and will continue to do so. As we discussed a few weeks ago, the SolarHomes rebate has been reduced due to high demand, but it continues to be an excellent financial support for anyone in Nova Scotia looking to switch to solar energy.

The report estimated that 17 500 homes will be running on solar power by 2030!!

Note: The SolarHomes program is credited with being a main factor in the uptake of solar energy installations. The rebate program has helped to make solar affordable for homeowners, but funding is only estimated to last for another 3-5 years. The rebate percentages have already been reduced once due to high demand and will continue to be stepped down over the 3-5 year period, so now is the best time to take advantage of it!

Expansion into other emerging technologies

The growth of the solar energy market in Nova Scotia may very likely mean more than just solar installs for residential and commercial properties. The report predicts that the renewable energy’s growing popularity will expand to other emerging technologies, namely battery storage and electric cars. This is an exciting development as it will expand the reach and potential of solar for our province beyond what home installs could achieve on their own.

This report highlights the growing popularity and profound impact that solar energy can have in our province. Public funding has allowed solar to be a reality for homeowners around Nova Scotia, and this growing market is bringing us closer to becoming leaders in this amazing energy source. It’s a win for our environment, our economy, us as individuals, and us as a whole.

To learn more, you can find the full report here.

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