When we first met with the husband and wife who recently moved to this home outside Truro, NS, we knew they found their “forever home”. This freshly built, fully electric home was going to cost a lot of money to provide grid power in the years and decades to come for their growing family. The front of the home faced West which meant the roof has an East / West roofline. Rather than viewing it as a downside, we saw opportunity. The roofline enabled us to utilize both faces and take advantage of both the early morning and late afternoon sun without worrying about overloading our two inverters with more sun than they could handle at any given point of the day. The net result is a system that’s outperformed expectations year over year and providing them with enough power to virtually eliminate their power bill.

Project Details

System Size (DC): 21.1 kW

System Size (AC): 15.2 kW

Estimated Annual Production (kWh): 19,920 kWh

Actual Annual Production (kWh): 21,440 kWh

Completion Date: Summer 2021