Canada Greener Homes – 7 Things You Need to Know

In our last post we provided an overview of what exactly is the Canada Greener Homes Loan and Grant program and how to navigate it. In todays post we’re sharing some key things we’ve learned from working with the Canada Greener Homes program for about a year. We’re breaking it down to 7 key things […]

Understanding HRM’s Solar City Program

If you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve probably heard us talk about the amazing solar energy rebates and incentive programs available to Nova Scotians. A couple of weeks ago, we broke down the details of Efficiency Nova Scotia’s SolarHomes rebate program, which helps make a solar energy system affordable and financially beneficial, and […]

Why Switch to Solar Energy: The Financial Benefits

Last week, we wrote about the environmental benefits of solar energy– a topic which we are very passionate about. This week, we’re talking about another huge reason for switching to solar energy: the financial benefits. When solar energy first hit the market, it was not nearly as affordable as it is today, and it got […]