5 Solar Energy Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions about solar energy so today, we wanted to clear up five of the most common ones we hear.

The installation costs negate the financial benefits.

Sure, solar can save you money in the long run, but a common concern with solar is that the start-up costs are too high to ever make getting a system worth it.

Luckily, these days that couldn’t be further from the truth. Thanks to two amazing programs, Efficiency Nova Scotia’s SolarHomes rebate program and HRM’s Solar City financing program, solar energy has never been more affordable for Nova Scotians.

It may surprise you to hear this but if your home has good solar potential, you could switch to solar energy for as little as $30 per month! If you’re curious about your home’s solar potential just contact us for your free customized solar proposal.

The SolarHomes program does have limited funding and is expected to only cover approximately 2000 homes, so now is the time to act if you’ve been considering a switch to solar.

In addition to these two programs, financing options are available through banks and other institutions.

Solar panels don’t work in cold conditions.

Actually, solar panels work better in cold conditions! It’s the energy from the sun, not the heat, that your panels are harnessing, and conductivity increases in cold temperatures as electricity is able to flow more efficiently. High temperatures can actually reduce your system’s efficiency, and luckily (well…) for us, temperatures rarely get that high here in Nova Scotia.

It’s too cloudy and rainy in Nova Scotia for solar to work.

While sunny conditions are optimal for solar energy generation, you are still able to harness a decent amount of energy during cloudy days, and overall Nova Scotia receives more than enough sun to keep your system running optimally.

While solar energy is typically associated with warm, sunny places like California, consider the fact that Germany is actually a world leader in solar energy. So long as an area receives sufficient sun throughout the year (which NS does – more than Germany, actually!), your system will work without a hitch.

Solar panels will damage my roof.

Not only will they not damage your roof, but they can actually help to protect it! At Solar Ascent, we’re not only experts at solar installation but we also have a background in home renovations, so your roof and solar system are in the best of hands.

Installed properly and combined with our top of the line racking system, your roof won’t suffer any damage and in fact, the panels will help to protect it from the elements, thus extending its lifespan.

Solar energy sounds great but getting started is such a hassle.

We’ve made it our mission to make solar energy simple for our customers, and we ensure that the process is seamless. It all starts with our free customized report and from there, we’re with you every step of the way, from financing options to the final installation (and beyond, on the rare case your system needs post installation maintenance).

The whole process is broken down into four easy steps:

  1. A simple assessment. Get started today with your free customized report!
  2. A meeting. After your assessment, we’ll set up a site visit and meet with you to discuss the process.
  3. Financing. We’ll help you get set up with the right rebates and financing options.
  4. Leave the rest to us. From there, we’ll take care of everything else and get you set up with the best solar energy system on the market.

These are just a few of the most common misconceptions we hear. You can learn more about solar energy on our FAQs page and blog.

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