Sackville Library

We were thrilled to have won the bid with HRM to provide solar to the Sackville Library in 2022. The goal of the system was to off-set as much energy as possible for this important public building. The installation had unique challenges, including some structural considerations and accessibility issues. We ensured the safety of the library visitors and HRM staff by working diligently above, and restricting access to our work areas when necessary. The goal was to perform the installation with as little disruption to the library as possible, and we managed to do just that! The net result is an important HRM public space now partially powered by solar energy.

Project Details

System Size (DC): 35.3 kW

System Size (AC): 33.3 kW

Estimated Annual Production (kWh): 36,700 kWh

Actual Annual Production (kWh): TBD

Completion Date: Summer 2022