Kittilsen’s Honey Ltd.

We were approached by the Kittilsen family to provide solar energy to their active honey farm in Spring 2022. The project had received funding and there were tight deadlines to meet. Given the restrictions placed on the installation by NS Power due to undersized transformers on the road, we came up with a clever solution to ensure the power production didn’t suffer. We maxed out the East / West roofline to benefit from sun all day long and pushed our inverter capabilities close to their 150% DC to AC threshold. The net result is a solar energy system that is working efficiently all day long.

Project Details

System Size (DC): 73.3 kW

System Size (AC): 50 kW

Estimated Annual Production (kWh): 70,100 kWh

Actual Annual Production (kWh): TBD

Completion Date: Summer 2022