How Much Maintenance Will My Solar Energy System Require?

A common concern we hear from our customers is that once their solar energy system is in place, it will require a lot of maintenance. People have images of themselves up on the roof sweeping away snow, leaves, and other debris, and regularly having to clean the panels- not to mention the maintenance it will require on the roof itself!

Luckily, however, this is not the case. Once your solar energy system is up and running, it will require next to no maintenance, and when it comes to your roof, your system can actually extend its lifespan, rather than shorten it.

Won’t snow block my panels?

When we’re creating the plan for your system, we take slope into account. This means that we ensure your panels are at an angle that will prevent snow from building up and blocking the sun from reaching them! Any snow that is left behind is typically melted away very quickly by the sun- it’s basically self-cleaning!

Will I have to wash the panels?

Generally, we Nova Scotians complain about the amount of rain we get here, but when it comes to your solar energy system, this is actually a benefit! For the most part, rain will wash away any dirt and grime on your panels. In dry, arid environments, dust build up can be an issue, but not here in Nova Scotia.

In the rare case that your panels do need to be cleaned, we never advise for you to clean them yourself. Aside from it being dangerous to go up on your roof, you can also damage the panels if you’re not careful. Give us a call and we can help you out.

Will it require more maintenance for my roof?

As if the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy weren’t exciting enough, a solar energy system can also help to extend the lifespan of your roof! Many people worry that it will damage their roof, but actually, the panels shield it from the elements, so it endures less wear and tear.

Sure, a bad installation can damage your roof, but that only happens when installers haven’t been properly trained. At Solar Ascent, your home is in the very best hands, and you don’t have to worry at all about damages or improper installations.

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