These Products Will Optimize Your Solar Energy Output

While a solar energy system is hands down the best way to save big on both your energy use and power bill, there are some simple things you can do to take the savings even further!

In this post, we shared five ways to save energy in your home, which help to maximize your solar energy system’s production, and this week we’re sharing a few awesome products that can help you to save even more.

Caulking, drapes, and insulation.

If you have drafty windows or your home isn’t insulated properly, you can literally be sending money right out the window! Heating and cooling your home are two of the biggest draws on your energy consumption, and if your home isn’t properly insulated and sealed, your system will have to work overtime.

Investing in some caulking, sealants, drapes, or blinds are all easy ways to help keep the temperature in your home regulated. Closing the blinds when it’s really sunny, for example, can help to keep your home cooler, and sealing any cracks around your windows and doors will help to keep warm air from escaping.

Smart Thermostat

Rather than blasting heat throughout your entire home, a smart thermostat will allow you to focus your heating on the areas of the home that you’re using. During the day, for example, you’ll likely be using the kitchen and living room areas more so than the bedrooms, and vice versa at night, so you can heat your rooms accordingly.

Smart heating systems also allow you to control your system via your smartphone, so you can turn down the heat remotely! You’re also able to program the system so you’re using heat only during the times of day that you’re home. Over time, this can really add up!

Ceiling fans

As we just mentioned, cooling can be hugely taxing on your energy system, and if you are a big AC user you may want to consider switching to a ceiling fan to help cool your home with much less energy output. If this summer is going to be anything like last summer, we’ll definitely need some serious cooling power, and it might be time to invest in a ceiling fan.

Energy star appliances

We mentioned this option in the last post, but it bears repeating because the energy and cost saving benefits are significant! Switching out your old appliances for energy star rated options can really jack up the savings.

The bottom line? Switching to a solar energy system is the number one step to saving energy and money on your power bill. However, there are lots of additional steps you can take to further enjoy the savings!

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