Is Solar Energy Reliable?

As power rates continue to rise and our reliance on fossil fuels poses an increasing threat to the health of our planet, more and more people are making the switch to renewable energy sources, like solar energy. What was once considered an “eco-luxury” for wealthy McMansion owners in California is now becoming mainstream and an affordable (even lucrative) and environmentally friendly way to power your home.

As much as we all want to save money and protect the environment, solar energy is only a reasonable option if it’s reliable.  No one wants to be without power, especially during our long Nova Scotia winters! Understandably, we get a lot of questions from prospective customers regarding the reliability of the systems.

Will it hold up during the winter months? Do we get enough sun light to keep it running? Will my solar panels last? These are all questions and concerns that we hear and completely understand.

In today’s post, we’re addressing some of the main concerns we hear around the efficacy of a solar energy system.

How can I trust that my solar panels will continue work?

First of all, failure rates on photovoltaic panels are crazy low- in a 2017 report conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) at the U.S. Department of Energy, 54,500 PV systems installed between 2005 and 2015 to were examined to identify the number of “failed panels,” or panels that needed to be replaced. NREL found an average failure rate of just 5 out of 10,000 panels annually, which comes out to a 0.05% failure rate on all photovoltaics.

Still, it can be a bit unnerving to feel like your energy system is your responsibility once you switch to solar, but don’t worry, you’re not alone- on the off chance that something does happen to your system, you’re covered under our technologies’ guarantees and we’re only ever a phone call away.

We use the best products on the market that are covered under some of the best warrantees out there. You can learn more about the technologies we use here.

Will solar energy work in our Nova Scotian climate?

There’s no denying we get a lot of rain here on the East Coast or that our winters are anything but cold and dark. However, as we discussed here, our climate is actually a great fit for solar energy systems, and we get plenty of sun to keep your system running year-round. It may surprise you to learn that solar energy systems actually have a harder time functioning in very hot and humid climates rather than our more temperate weather.

What about other weather-related activity?

Occasionally, panels can be damaged by heavy hail or hurricane strength winds, but we rarely see the kind of weather patterns that could cause harm here in Nova Scotia. In the case of extreme weather, your solar energy system may be affected- just like any energy system (fossil fuel included) would be. And in the case of any damage, we’ve got you covered, as we discussed above.

How can I trust that my system will be installed properly?

At Solar Ascent, quality is one of our top priorities. We never rush through a project and our expertly trained installers are among the best in the biz. Our Operations Manager, John, studied at Solar Energy International (SEI), North America’s leading institution for learning about renewable energy systems. Additionally, his background in residential construction means he isn’t just an expert in solar but in the structure of your home. Your home, roof, and solar energy system are in the very best hands.

We hope this helped to clear up any concerns you may have over the reliability of your energy system. We’ve got lots more information on our blog covering everything from the environmental benefits of solar energy to the amazing rebates and incentive programs currently available.

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